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11-25-2012, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Zathronas View Post
I don't hate the Flames, I'm just perplexed by some of their choices. You have to admit their track record isn't the best in the NHL. That being said they did alright in recent years.

I'm not saying Jankowski is a bust, I do think he has great potential. It's just that I think Calgary should go for more polished prospect as they will sorely need help sooner rather then later.

and your right 4 round isn't bad I thought he was drafted sooner.
Past drafting record is always indicative of current standards or the future. This is one of Hfboards biggest misconceptions that somehow still persists.

Teams change management, and scouting staff. The Flames did this and it shows. In the past few drafts the scouting has been much improved.

You can't use past failures as an argument for future ones. It doesn't make sense when drafting strategy has changed and the people instituting it has changed.

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