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11-25-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
Not to knock down USA hockey but we are simply not talented enough to make a team of the 20 best skilled players and hope to win. We need Burke to come back to the team and set up his vision again...

Its about Artists and Plumbers. Top 6 fwds and top 4 dmen...Bottom 6 fwds, bottom 2 dmen... A well rounded team with superstars but also role players and specialists. Guys like Callahan, Malone, Drury and many maybe could say Backes were a shock in making USA roster but not only did they make the roster, they also helped team USA win silver in 2010.

Like Burke once said, we cannot act like Canada where they bring in the best players and ask them to fit their roles and their visions. It works for them but it cannot work for us. We will bring in plumbers, specialists and role players. Guys like Drury, were crucial to our success because they were in our teams vision. A hard working, grinding team. Bringin in centers who can win face offs, players who can kill penalties and 3rd and 4th liners who knew how to and were great at forchecking and backchecking.

All this without sacrificing too much skill. Top 6 bottom 6... im sure you all heard this before. So that is what USA needs come 2014.

Same goes for d-men. Top 4, bottom 2. 4 reliable all around hard hitting d-men. But then 2 hard working grinding d-men.

And with goalies like Quick, Miller and Howard all competing for goal. We should be oh so happy about our chances.
I agree with this. Hard-work can overcome talent any day. If they bring in hard-working, gritty forwards like Matteau and Biggs, and they keep their legs moving every shift, they can easily play with the top teams. You want to be a team that's tough to play against, especially when skill is lacking.

USA for the 2014 Olympics will have some skilled, hard-working, gritty forwards like Backes and Callahan that they can put on their bottom six. Those guys can go up against the Crosby's, Thornton's, Spezza's and be checking forwards, while at the same time able to score when they are asked.

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