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Wendy and Lucy - 9/10

I loved Meek's Cutoff so I wanted to watch Reichardt's earlier movies. Like Meek's Cutoff, Wendy and Lucy moves along very slowly and although it doesn't like as nice, it is every bit as well done. I am not sure this movie is for everybody. There is no action, witty dialouge, suspense, or any real laughs. It is just a look in time at a woman stuck in a strange town trying to get her car to work but more importantly trying to find her dog. It might sound kind of dull but it was a pleasure to watch.

I would say that Michelle Williams gave a great acting performance but it didn't even seem like she was acting. She was so believable in every situation. I know in the Oscar thread, Jennifer Lawrence is getting a lot of love. There is no doubt she is amazing, but I think Williams is in a league of her own.

I guess I am going through Reichardt's films backwards but I now need to find Old Joy.

The Campaign - 3/10

Not a lot to say. Was kind of clever at times but overall just wasn't very funny

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