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11-25-2012, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by FoppaForsberg View Post
IMO it's smart for the Flames to go boom or bust with their picks because they haven't had a top ten pick in a long time so instead of going for the Mark MacNeil's they go for the Bartschi's, Jankowski's, etc. However It's still kind of funny that they traded down and didn't take Teravainen.
TT is overrated. Janko has produced just as well in points as TT, if not better in their said leagues. They're both similar in age for their draft, I think Janko is only like 2 weeks younger, and he's a little bit more raw just coming out of highschool hockey. When and if they make it to the NHL, it will be around the same time.

Not saying TT is bad but their is a reason that he dropped from where everyone expected him to go.

And back on topic, I'm happy with Gaudreau's progression and am astounded that anyone could say he is a 'reach' in the fourth round and a bad pick because he is a long term project? Seriously?

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