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11-25-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Predatorbill View Post
Can somebody explain why the ACC is falling apart?
It has to do primarily with media rights. There are three tiers of rights. First tier rights are the absolute cream of the conference: for our example, let's say Florida State-Clemson in football. Second tier rights are less desirable events that still hold value (Georgia Tech-Wake Forest in men's basketball), and third-tier rights are typically for women's basketball, the Olympic sports, and, in the ACC's case, lacrosse.

The trick is that most schools own the third tier rights, and can sell those events to networks or cable channels and collect revenue from that. They could be worth $5-15M a year, depending on the school, and that revenue does not have to be shared with the rest of the conference. The ACC sold those rights to ESPN. So, if ESPN doesn't want to show the powerhouse ACC men's soccer teams like North Carolina or Maryland, those games don't get put on television.

In the end, these moves are all about the money. The Big Ten has its own network that carries its second and third tier events, and the schools make an enormous amount of money from that. Since Maryland's athletic department is in a really rough spot financially, they don't really have much of a choice but to make the move, and it's a no-brainer from Rutgers.

Now there's talk that the Big East might dissolve if Louisville or UConn bolts for another conference, and I frankly expect both to leave. This realignment chaos is far, far from over...

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