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Originally Posted by Socratic Method Man View Post
This is actually a pretty interesting idea.

We should have an 'HFBoards 2012 "with a twist" Draft'. Every fanbase gets to consult amongst themselves, and as a fanbase, draft whichever player they want (obviously with exception of the arbitrary "hands-off" list in the OP). Someone could randomly generate an order for the draft and we could kill some time in this eternal lockout by switching teams up a bit.

Sound fun to anyone else?
On the HFTML board, we do this about once a year when 30 people pick a team, and you select 20 iirc players. So there would be 300 draft picks, and it would alternate also iirc like who won 1st ovr picking would choose 60th, then 61st the 90th ,etc. The time slot before another person choose's their pick is one hour, and 11pm-9am is one slot iirc. Takes ALOT of time, and a lot more for the organizer. And then 2-3 outsiders are chosen to pick which has the overall best team. And you always have to have the # of picks you start out with, but can trade like 1st ovr+60th+120th for 8th ovr+53rd ovr+68th ovr. Or already drafted players for quantity. If we are going to organize something like this, pm me, I'd like to get Leafs.

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