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Originally Posted by Tortorella View Post
Yes, I think MDZ has more potential than Staal. I don't think MDZ will ever be a 'bigger name' than Staal, but I think he can be the better overall player. False, Staal is 2nd fiddle to McDonagh, who has surpassed him in only his sophomore season. Staal as of now, is a great shutdown guy that can effectively shutdown the opposing team's 2nd best scoring threat on even strength and can kill penalties on the top unit. MDZ right now isn't better than Staal defensively and probably will never be. I just think he'll be the better player down the road due to his natural offensive talent. I think MDZ being mentally fragile is blown way out of proportion by the media. It's pretty much what you expect from a raw offensive d-man trying to re-establish his game for both ends of the rink.

Ryan Suter is a superstar and I believe McDonagh is just a tad behind him in only his 2nd season. He is the Rangers franchise player along with Lundqvist.
To the bolded -

Wow. I disagree whole-heartedly. MDZ has more offensive potential than Staal for sure but he won't ever be even close to the defensive player that Staal is in my opinion. I don't mean that he'll be above average but not quite at that level either - I'm not convinced he will even be above average on d. He's shown nothing to make me think that he's capable of that. To me, the "better player" in terms of defensemen is the guy who you can put out there and have faith that the opponents won't have their way with him and get a point. In my eyes, Staal will always be the better player than MDZ in that regard.

Also, Staal is not only capable of shutting down only "second best scoring threats." He's shown throughout his career that he's very capable of shutting down the top guys, not just on the opposing team, but the top guys in the league as well. He's an excellent defender. One of the best in the league in terms of shutting down his opponent.

As for best defensive d-man right now, I have to vote Staal. I don't really see how he's the "second fiddle" to McD since McD's game really came together in Staal's absence. McD has not surpassed him yet in my opinion. He's almost at his level and that's exteremely impressive considering his age but right now, today, Staal is the better defensive defender in my eyes. He's been at a higher level for a long, long time.

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