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11-25-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
They re-certify and re-negotiate a new CBA? Hahaha right. You know the fact that the NFL eventually won its case could have a serious impact here. It would certainly be an entertaining legal case, that's for sure.

Here's a question: What if the league answers the decertification by disbanding? They too could just disband and re-form eventually, no?
I'm pretty sure the NFL never outright won its case. The Courts decided twice to refuse two injunction attempts by the players to allow the parties to continue to negotiate. The implications of such a decision scare the courts because there's so much money on the line and it would probably take years to appeal the decision so they prefer to facilitate mediation. In the end, the two sides came to an agreement.

The NHL could disband in theory but the losses would be monumental. It would essentially void all the contracts they signed with different media and sponsorships. It would be the end of the NHL as we know it. All the teams that have lease agreements with arenas might lose the benefit of term and be ordered to pay the remaining years right away. The NHL would probably lose all their trademark rights too. It would be much harder for the NHL to disband and restart than the NHLPA.

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