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Originally Posted by TheProfessional View Post
how can you say he played good hockey? his team lost, he had 1 point. you and other sens fans state his job is to put up points, lead the offense and while being sound on defense. he put up 1 point and was even in the series. stop making excuses about low scoring. sounds like a pretty poor job to me. and i did watch the series, i watched every game on TV. his only point was a fluke goal too where he blindly flung it to the middle without any teammate close.

i am a bruins fan and i can say watching that series karlsson wasnt as impressive as i had seen him during regular season games.

look at drew doughty, when he isnt scoring he is playing great defense and playing nasty. he is a great hitter and one of the smarter players in the league with and without the puck. you think doughty would have sat there and taken the speed baggin by boyle? hell no, doughty has a great mean streak and would not have stood for that.

the sens fans should be barred from this thread, erik karlsson is a great player but i bet if you polled nhl scouts doughty would easily win

its also funny you mention shutout streaks that span 1.5 games like its an eternity;such is often the case with playoff hockey
I guess to you the small skill game in hockey has no merit ,and the norris should only be awarded to the toughest biggest players .EK is not a physical player and never will be ,but he continually gets run down here because of it .Like i said before to compare guys like PIE ,Doughty,Chara Weber to EK is wrong because how they play is so far different its not funny.

Comparable defensmen to EK are guys like Enstrom ,Letang ,OEL etc,not the latter .Its not the first time a smaller more skilled defenseman has won the norris ,and it probably wont be the last.So unless EK gets worse as he develops,i cant see him not being in the conversation for the leagues most impactful defenseman award

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