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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Was anyone on the Sens as impressive as you saw in the regular season. Here, I'll help you out because you clearly need it. No, none of them were nearly as good as they were in the regular season.

The Rangers keyed Karlsson like nobody else in the first round because that was the key to stopping the Sens that rode that player to the playoffs after being labelled a lottery team pre-season. They also dove infront of pucks like few teams I've ever seen...I always say, if you have to dive infront of every shot a team takes in the playoffs you probably aren't gonna make it all the way.

Individuals don't look good when their team is getting outplayed. This is very simple. But that game he scored that fluke goal, he was probably also the best player on the ice for either side.
Well said!! Rangers made a gameplan around Karlsson. Because, Karlsson IS the system in Ottawa. The system is based around Karlsson. So, to shutdown Karlsson is to shutdown the team and the system.

No defenseman in the league can be a gamebreaker in the 3 zones like Karlsson.

Can someone tell me if we put Doughty in Karlsson place, would Ottawa have won?

I would say not necessarily. Why? Ottawa was not physically intimidated. Game 1, yes. But throughout the series, Ottawa had the better hand. They had good help from Neil, Carkner, ect... They just needed some scoring.

But Im doubting, if Ottawa had another bruising defenseman, would Rangers be intimidated and they would be frustrated that their super "Agressive Forecheck" doesnt work?

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