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3 pages discussing if Grabo is a #1C on a contender or a #2C on a Cup team.


When the answer is a resounding, No. He has never won at any level in the NHL. Just how do some come to a conclusion it is yes when you look at the standard of #2C's that have won the cup is a mystery.

The fact he is a #2C on a perennial non playoff team and a mediocre one at that, just tells you all you need to know.

1. First off let this guy prove he can be part of a winning team before saying he is a 'great' <chuckle> #2C on Cup contender, I won't even say Cup winner because we know this is not true.

2. If the guy is so great, why do all his backers always say he needs better wingers, or a better supporting cast? Great players make players around them better, but Grabo is not a particular strong playmaker nor does he bring a lot of "Bergeron, Richards intangibles to a team".

He is what he is, a default best C on a team with little strength up the middle, only 4 points the better of the 2nd highest point getting C on the team last year with a lot more fanfare and less intangibles ie. Faceoff inabilty just to name one thing. He rarely plays consistently, often dissapears when the games are important.

In short, he is the poster boy of this losing era. I will say it again, and it's sounding like a broken record, when the Leafs get a better top 6, one where players have better intangibles. The almost 29 year old will be gone, and mark these words, the Leafs will improve in the standings.

This I have no doubt you can count on, and some of the Grabo fans will say it is a coincidence no doubt. If this is what they want to cling to, be my guest.

The fact is The Leafs will improve in the standings when the Grabo era is over.


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