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Originally Posted by topshelf15 View Post
I guess to you the small skill game in hockey has no merit ,and the norris should only be awarded to the toughest biggest players .EK is not a physical player and never will be ,but he continually gets run down here because of it .Like i said before to compare guys like PIE ,Doughty,Chara Weber to EK is wrong because how they play is so far different its not funny.

Comparable defensmen to EK are guys like Enstrom ,Letang ,OEL etc,not the latter .Its not the first time a smaller more skilled defenseman has won the norris ,and it probably wont be the last.So unless EK gets worse as he develops,i cant see him not being in the conversation for the leagues most impactful defenseman award
Preach!!! The Norris is for "the most impactful defenseman award" The one who has the most impact in all 3 zones. Last year, Karlsson was the most impactful, anywhere you put him on the ice. Karlsson has a great motor, stamina, triple shifts sometimes NOT EVEN ON PP.

If we're not talking about Karlsson, honestly, I would take Weber before Doughty because he's way more consistent than him but Doughty is more offensive.

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