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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
3 pages discussing if Grabo is a #1C on a contender or a #2C on a Cup team.


When the answer is a resounding, No. He has never won at any level in the NHL. Just how do some come to a conclusion it is yes when you look at the standard of #2C's that have won the cup is a mystery.

The fact he is a #2C on a perennial non playoff team and a mediocre one at that, just tells you all you need to know.

1. First off let this guy prove he can be part of a winning team before saying he is a 'great' <chuckle> #2C on Cup contender, I won't even say Cup winner because we know this is not true.
Phaneuf hasn't proven he can be part of a winning team. What does 'prove you can be part of a winning team' even mean? Has Kessel proven he can be part of a winning team because he played for a team when they pulled a playoff choke-job of historic proportions? Everybody who plays for the leafs is on a perennial non-playoff team.

2. If the guy is so great, why do all his backers always say he needs better wingers, or a better supporting cast? Great players make players around them better, but Grabo is not a particular strong playmaker nor does he bring a lot of "Bergeron, Richards intangibles to a team".
Nobody says that.

Grabovski gave both his wingers career years, they probably sent him thank-you cards for their last contracts.

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