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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Mac just got a chance to play, Kule and the rest of the line had career years mostly due to sneaking up to the league, they didn't last year. Further I don't see how a Center with a meager high of 29 assists helped out his wingers that season? If anything Grabo benefitted from his linemates just as much.

Here's the bottom line #2C's are just as important as #1C's on teams. The fact is having this #2C on the roster has not gotten the Leafs out of the basement of the league should tell most Leafs fans all they need to know.

Crosby, Toews, Bergeron/Krejci and Kopitar could not win the Cup themselves. This is how important the #2C position is.

Grabo has never demonstrated anything that contributes to the win column as some of the better #2C's have. If you want to cite he is a 25-29 goal scorer, that tries hard and takes a licking, I won't argue this. But what exactly in this that makes him so special to his fans?
He's fine on the Leafs as the #2 center, same way Kessel is fine as a #1 winger and Phaneuf is a #1 defender on a bottom 5 team.

Your #1 guys are held more responsible than your secondary players.


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