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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Did Forsberg play in the finals against New Jersey in '01? Nope, he was injured and didn't play. It isn't a matter of whether he WANTED to play or not, the bottom line is he DIDN'T play because he was hurt. This isn't a case of someone being in a freak car accident and missing games. It's a matter of being hurt as a result of playing and missing a bunch of games because of it. That's the bottom line: He was prone to getting hurt and missed a bunch of games because he was prone to getting hurt. If a player gets concussions every time someone sneezes harshly in his general direction then yeah, he should be considered injury prone.

So this is obvious right?

Being prone to getting hurt.

You can tell this in advance or is it the usual metric of hindsight always being 20/20?

Until you actually provide some kind of evidence of this proneness being a deficiency in any player then it's just an opinion supported by little in the way of facts. Sorta like Early don cherry with the wimpy guys from Europe crap he always spouted.

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