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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
He was not named the best defenseman in the NHL by either Norris or AS until his 8th season, compared to Lidstrom in his 7th.
I think you misunderstand All-Star voting for defensemen. There is no differentiation between the #1 or the #2 defenseman when voting for an All-Star selection. So even if someone believes Rob Blake to be better than Nicklas Lidstrom, by selecting both Blake and Lidstrom to the All-Star team, they both get a 1st Place vote (leaving, for example, Pronger and Niedermayer both with 2nd Place votes, and Stevens and Bourque both with 3rd Place votes). They're not voting 1-2-3; they're voting 1-1-2-2-3-3.

It is for this same reason that Mike Green led in All-Star votes in 2009 over Chara despite having fewer Norris votes - people were more likely to believe Green to be one of the two best defensemen in the league than they were with Chara, but they were more likely to believe that Chara was the absolute best than they were with Green.

Pretending that Lidstrom was voted the best defenseman by the All-Star vote in 1998 is a complete misuse of the vote itself. Was he voted the most likely defenseman to be either the #1 or the #2 best defenseman in the league? Yes. But he was not voted the #1.

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