Thread: Prospect Info: 2012-2013 Prospect Talk PART IV
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11-25-2012, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
My advice was about you simply ignoring me and what I write here. It was also about not bothering to respond if you felt the need to be detrimental, go on a witchhunt or give me a hockey knowledge spanking of sorts.

You chose to respond and your response consisted of the repitition of a number of points that I had mostly agreed and conceded to throughout my discussion on this Clark/Spurgeon topic, points that still do not alleviate the viable need to scratch one's head in this case over why/how Snow ultimately makes his asset management decisions for a losing team. This was surrounded and spiced up with more downtalking, compartmentalizing, suggesting I do things that I don't necessarily do, and basically telling me not to post (presumably on asset management-related issues), because a few posters have a different opinion/approach/take on happenings in Islanderville and are 'tired' of reading otherwise.

Nobody here is being forced to read or respond to things. We can also be very civil about how we disagree with each other here without taking direct or underlying shots at each other's credibility.

Speaking of which...

That bolded part is the EXACT same impression I have of you.

Again, if you don't like the ideas and things I'm throwing out there, fine, simply ignore them. Don't comment on them.

I am not directing them at you. I am not challenging you. I can't remember the last time I've commented on something you've thrown out there in a disagreeing, much less negative manner.

You have clearly targeted my content/contributions in an almost trolling manner. To say that some of your responses are wrought with snide comments is an understatement.

This is undesired.

I'll let the mods decide if you're getting too close to what HFBoards considers to be defamation/slandering/character assassination.

For the sake of this forum though, I will follow my own advice and simply do the same thing I'm asking of you: Just ignore your posts from here on out.
Even Bonzo is getting annoyed here.

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