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11-25-2012, 06:47 PM
Corsi != Possession
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Originally Posted by Frank Stallone View Post
They have similar skillsets, but they utilize them very differently on the ice.
They both speed down along the boards while carrying the puck, using their speed to generate chances. Neither really stays in the tough areas (along the boards, in front of the net) for longer than it's required to release a shot. Speedy perimeter snipers, one of them just happens to play center, the other is a winger.

Originally Posted by Frank Stallone View Post
That's a pretty massive generalization which isn't even true in many cases. I already explained how it could potentially result in a boost in production and you just keep repeating the same point about top six/bottom six. It's not some kind of axiom that good offensive players are always bad defensively, and all bottom six players are good defensively. Many of the league leaders in Rel. Corsi are both bottom and top-six players on good puck possession teams like the Canucks and Bruins.
Yes, there are some good two way scoring lines, but they're not the norm around the league. The Sedin sisters, for instance, will not be playing in a shutdown role of any kind. It's much more common to have dedicated checking lines, whose main responsibility is not offense, but stifling the opponent's top lines. Some coaches do not bother with shutdown lines (Wilson), and are content to use their big guns vs opponent's big guns (or whoever the opposing coach matches up against them).

Point is, Grabo hasn't been matched up against top lines, or shutdown lines much in the past. Yes, yes, I know about those 4 games in January, when Wilson used the Grabo line against the Pens and the Isles, there's no need to cite those examples. As a matter of fact, Grabo probably faces optimal opponents on most nights (2nd line, and 2nd pairing).

Originally Posted by Frank Stallone View Post
So what you're saying is that you'd be happier if Grabo scored two goals in one of our games against the Bruins, rather than four goals in six..?
I would absolutely prefer to see a Grabo who is able to take over games (January stretch, the two goal Bruins game), than have him score 1 goal on one shot for 4 games. Sure, he scored a goal, but he was virtually invisible for the rest of the game.

He's good when he's hot, and next to useless when he's not. If he could either close the gap between those two states, or bring something else to the table while he's slumping, I wouldn't have so many objectives to keeping him as our #2C. It's one thing to be snakebitten (still generating lots of chances, but getting "unlucky"), but he becomes virtually invisible on the ice, hardly creating any offensive chances, or making a defensive impact.

When Kessel went through his infamous slump, he tried to force plays that weren't there in order to break the "curse". His average shots actually increased during that stretch. Grabo goes from a 3 shots/game guy to a 1.5 shots/game guy when he slumps. He had 8 games w/ 0 shots on net, and 20 games w/ 1 shot on net. That's over 1/3rd of a season right there. And he didn't even have to face tough defensive matchups most of the time.

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