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11-25-2012, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Did Forsberg play in the finals against New Jersey in '01? Nope, he was injured and didn't play. It isn't a matter of whether he WANTED to play or not, the bottom line is he DIDN'T play because he was hurt.
Ok. And what about all the times he DID play through injury, which has been the expectation for hockey players since the dawn of the game? Do we not always make an effort to credit players who perform in spite of injury, as is currently happening over in the Wings/Avs/Devils thread?

Well, things are a bit different for the modern concussed player. There is no, "stick a needle in it and get out there for your next shift". Policy across the board states that he sits until symptoms are 100% gone.

I'm not surprised to be having this conversation in 2012, but I expect that by 2022 we will have a very different view "injury proneness" as it relates to concussions.

If a player gets concussions every time someone sneezes harshly in his general direction then yeah, he should be considered injury prone.
It's not like these guys have glass brains or something. Crosby got elbowed blindside in the head when he wasn't even close to the puck. What exactly makes him "injury prone" on that play, or responsible for the misdiagnosis that had him concussed again the following week? Is he supposed to check his blind spot before every turn, and diagnose himself at the hospital? "Keep your head up" doesn't quite serve as an antidote in this league.

I'm curious what you think about the point I made earlier: if concussions had always been diagnosed by 2012 standards, how do you think Trottier's career would look?

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