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11-25-2012, 07:14 PM
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It's worse than that. Decertifying would mean the end of the following season as well. Then you lump the loss of several teams, 200 positions like you said, and who gets screwed in the end?
- Several owners.
- 200 lower end players.
- All of the fans.

But who remains? You got it, the elite of the players get more money.

Union? What union? Wind bags like Eric Cole come out against players that dare have a contrary opinion while wrapping himself in his altruistic self righteousness, but in the end his and the upper echelon of the union get exposed by their very threats to decertify, which is nothing more than threatening to cut off the lower end of the player pool while making the upper class more short term bling and at the same time killing off even more of a fed up & pissed off fan base. This union is no union at all. In fact this entire fiasco relates well as a new age telling of the book Animal Farm, with Bettman as the farmer, the NHLPA as the pigs, and us the fans as the sheep.

"All players are equal, but some more equal than others." Snicker.

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