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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
The benefit as well as asssets, may be the most improtant, and that is cap space. All signs points to the cap lowering, and teams having to make adjustments to meet this. If Lou had a much lower cap hit, why would the Nucks trade him at all; besides him wanting to leave? Funny how some people expect the Cannucks to yeild a large return in a trade for Lou, and get out from the cap hit, and save the Nucks team millions of dollars long term. All that on a player that is in his early thirties and may not have many years at the top of his game left. Talk about dreaming in technocolour.

The Canucks don't need the cap space though. We're not trading him because of cap reasons, we're trading him because we have a glut of talent at a position where only one elite player is needed, so if we can convert that player into a return that makes us a better team, then we'll do it. So prospective teams would have to give up something that makes us better if they want him.(which is fair, as there's no doubt whatever team gets him will also become a much better team as well)
This isn't completely true. IF the Canuck's want to add any significant pieces this year, they need to move salary. It makes the most sense to move salary from a position that cannot play every game.

But they are a very good team right now so the argument could be made they don't need an upgrade.

However, the year after they may very well need to get creative. I won't get into the semantics of the cap situation, but those who advocate Luongo can stay for a while also have to consider he'll be aging as they wait for the right deal, which will also decrease the return.

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