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11-25-2012, 08:47 PM
Corsi != Possession
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Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
My contention was with you saying "They aren't any better than the numbers with Bozak" as if it were fact, yet providing no evidence to support that. The burden of proof should be on those who spout imaginary statistics as if they're fact.
I do spend some time data mining, but to go through players' icetimes game by game, and accumulate the points scored with each linemate would be a ridiculous amount of work to prove something that should be pretty obvious.

Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
So you believe that puck possession is proportional to shots on net, and so is scoring chances generated? Interesting. You must have loved all the "scoring chances" the likes of Jason Blake generated, not to mention his ridiculous puck possession skills.

Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
I was stopping you before you made the argument. In your opinion, is Grabo to fault for Kulemin's down season? Or did you not notice that Kulemin was the recipient of many stellar scoring chances that he couldn't bury? Simple questions.
Combination of many factors, including:
  • An abnormally high shooting % two seasons ago, which he wasn't going to be able to sustain.
  • His head not being in the game to start the season because of the loss of his friends. Noone really knows how much it affected his play on the ice, but it definitely had some effect.
  • Missing on some chances he should have scored on, that you seem to think is the main reason for the decline in his production.
  • Having to cover more and more for Grabo defensively, as Grabo started taking more chances offensively in an attempt to revive his flat-lined offense.
  • Pressure on himself to get back to his career season's production pace.

And I'm not going to ask for proof of those many stellar scoring chances he missed on, because I realize how tedious it would be to go through a season's worth of games to compile a collection of 5 YouTube flicks. I agree that he could have done better on finishing some of those chances, but even if he did, his production still would have taken a dive from two seasons ago. The line simply wasn't generating enough scoring chances, and were invisible on a lot of nights.

Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
So you're just going to look at WHEN he got his point totals as opposed to how his offense stacks up against other 2nd liners over a full season? This is the ultimate cherry-pick. Almost every player goes through ups and downs through the course of a season.
Very few players go from zeroes to heroes back to zeroes in a stretch of a season. Players go through slumps all the time, but if we start classifying 2-3 month stretches as slumps, we could make a lot of the players in the league look better than they are.

Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
Had you actually read my post, you would have noticed I never used the word elite to describe Grabo. I never even said he was a #1 calibre center. He may be OUR best choice, considering our depth chart up the middle. I don't think anyone's confusing Bozak as a #1C in this league, so why does putting Grabo up there all of a sudden deem him a #1C? It's just where he slots into our line-up. Grabo is a #2C compared to his peers and has produced like one for two years now.

People who put words in other peoples' mouths do so to twist the argument in their favour when there's nothing left to factually argue.
I've stated why I think Bozak is a better choice to center the Kessel line, let's hear why you think Grabo would be the better choice. What could he bring to the line that Bozak doesn't? Do you think what he could potentially bring to the line is what the line actually needs? Can you see Grabo being the first man back defensively on a regular basis to cover for Lupul/Kessel?

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