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Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
Any of you guys went to CEGEP in Administration/Marketing or something along those lines? If so which CEGEP? I'm most likely going to go to Vanier cause of its proximity, but some of my friends say Dawson is a better environment
I don't know about that program, but if you live close to Vanier, the proximity is an incredibly underrated factor. Even when I had class at 8AM, living close to Vanier allowed me to only have to wake up at 7:30.

Dawson is of course so much livelier because of proximity to downtown. Vanier is good is your the chill out with friends but don't need to be "doing" something type.

Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
Anyone know if there's a lot of students coming out of French highschools that go to English CEGEP's? I speak both fluently, but am just curious to know if there will just be English students, or lots of Bilingual ones. I Heard theres a lot of French Canadians since the schools normally got adapted english "levels" to suit every student, especially at Vanier, where (apparantly) they let students write their texts in french if they wish to.
Mostly bilingual. But expect to encounter people who are weak at French. In my time at Vanier no one really struggled at English but I notcied some were pretty weak at French.

Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
As well, I'm not sure what exactly I want to do. I know its something in administration/marketing, but I don't want to do too much PR. I like making decisions, but having someone narrow them down for me. Any suggestions?
Can't help you there. Sorry.

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