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Originally Posted by Duke Silver View Post
0.4 PPG Grabovski? When, exactly?

Let's cut the last season into four quarters: 20 games, 21 games, 21 games, 20 games. This way of looking at it avoids you cherry picking cold streaks.

Q1: .56 ppg
Q2: .77 ppg
Q3: .81 ppg
Q4: .61 ppg

Peaks and valleys. You like to look at the valleys and small samples to make inferences. Rational people like to look at the larger samples.

So much hyperbole I could explode.
Take out his only hot stretch of the season, and you'll see. Not sure what's so rational about looking at arbitrary 20-21 game splits that cut his hot and cold streaks smooth out the differences, vs following the 2-3 month long peaks and valleys.

P.S: Your sample size is smaller btw

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