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Originally Posted by Funk Volume View Post
So, Stamkos isn't a desirable #1 centre?

Obviously an extreme example cuz Grabo gets as many points a year that Stammer gets goals (close anyway), but still. It shouldn't be about playing style. It should be production and chemistry.

It's a well known fact we have only one first line player on our team, and that is Kessel. Lupul PRODUCED like a first liner because of his CHEMISTRY with Kessel. Bozak is a third liner, but produces like a top 6 forward because of his chemistry with Kessel.

Just like we only have one top pairing defenseman, Phaneuf. But Gunnarsson produces(not points wise but plays like) a top pairing guy because of his chemistry with Dion.

Line combos come down to production and chemistry. If we stuck Grabo in between Kessel and Lupul(something I'm against because I believe in spreading out your scoring), it would be up to the three of them to make it work.
How well do you think Stamkos would have done with say Dustin Brown, or Skinner on his line instead of St. Louis. Great players in their own right, but probably not the ideal replacement for St. Louis.

The biggest determining factor in developing chemistry is the roles players play, and how well they fulfill those roles. A sniper-sniper-sniper line isn't giong to work, and neither will a PFW-PFW-PFW. It's not as black and white as that, of course, as the players utilize skillsets from all the roles to some extent. That extent is what makes many great players so great. Kessel's playmaking, Getzlaf/E. Staal's size/grit, etc. Heck, it even applies to puckhandling goalies, as it can give the team an extra defender in many situations. Gunnarsson, to a much lesser extent, falls into this category as well. He is able to take an offensive role, but can play the stay at home defensemen to complement Phaneuf's game, as well.

Competent playmaking centers are hard to find, competent playmaking wingers are even harder, and without a playmaker, your line's going nowhere fast.

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