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11-25-2012, 10:00 PM
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First, Embree got totally screwed, 2 years to turn around a program is a near impossibility. That being said last year was the worst season I've ever seen by CU, they were literally blown out in every game they played except against CSU, Sac St, Wash St (win), and Utah. They gave up almost 70 against Fresno St, are you kidding me.

This is what had to do Embree in, the sheer fact that we were irrelevant in the 2nd half of pretty much every game. There was nothing positive about this season. This and the bleak outlook for coming seasons was the undoing for Embree and his staff. Also from the sounds of it he was getting pressure to make staff changes and he wasn't willing to do it. And if thats the case Embree is being stupid you can't be near the bottom of D1 in offense and defense and make no coaching changes. I feel bad for Embree because he wasn't given a fair shot, but I can also see why they made the decision.

Now the key part is where do they go from here. Who's next? A few prime choices look to be in no particular order:

Jeff Tedford (former Cal coach), Troy Calhoun (AFA coach), Jim Tressel (former Ohio St coach, we probably all know the story), Gene Chizik (former Auburn coach), Bob Stitt (Colorado School of Mines coach), John Wirsten (CSU Pueblo coach)

I'm sure there are others but can't think of them right now.

Obviously if you could lure Tressel here, he would be head and shoulders better than the rest of the options, but I find it highly unlikely he would want to come to a program in complete shambles.

Calhoun would also be a go get but he also turned down Tennessee a couple years back, so why would he come to CU.

Chizik would probably come, but I'm not sold on him as a coach as he only won because of Cam Newton.

The two small time coaches would be a risk, but I think both are very solid coaches. Look at the guy from Texas A&M he was coaching at Sam Houston State last year.

I think in the end they will go for Jeff Tedford. Which would be a so-so hire. Has Pac 12 experience and is a solid coach. But his performance has slipped over the past 3 years at Cal which is why he got fired. So maybe the Pac 12 has passed him up. Does recruit high quality QBs though.

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