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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Round 30 on town keeps eluding me but I keep getting closer and closer. Lost the game on round 24 because a zombie jumped off the roof and trapped me between it, my hoard, and a bench that for some reason I can't physically jump on or over.. Had the Ray Gun and Pack a Punched HAMR (found out this game, to my dismay, that pack a punching a second time will not give you more ammo). Ended up with 783 kills. Not to bad but I don't have the patience to try it again.

Leave a brand new turbine by the green sign in the power station, then build the pack a punch machine just like you built the power station power switch and voila. If the turbine breaks or runs out of power the room closes once you exit (Haha we tried using this to lock out a kid who didn't know what he was doing into the room so he didn't trip us up but...that didn't work).

I also roll my eyes whenever I get the RPG or the executioner. The executioner is basically a Python but weaker and has less ammo and the RPG goes without saying. It's more fun to use than the LAW, but it hurts you more than it helps.

The pack a punched War Machine would be better if there were more rounds and if it was on a bigger map. Well...on Tranzit it's useful but on Town? Not if your strategy is to chain one area.
I actually like getting both the executioner and the python..

True enough with the RPG though, aha

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