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11-25-2012, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by NoNecksCurse View Post
all this realignment is ruining college football.
It really hasn't though. Look at the moves on their own. Nebraska to the Big Ten? I'd say that move has worked out fairly well for them. Texas A&M to the SEC is a little too young to judge, but has been a roaring success thus far. TCU and West Virginia to the Big XII have both shown promise. Missouri in the SEC has been a dud, and Utah and Colorado in the Pac-12 have really been invisible, but it's not like they're a national eyesore or anything.

I think the "realignment apocalypse" is overstated - the game will endure, it will simply have a different face. It will be chaotic, but this will inevitably settle down.

Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
I even think the conferences should go to 30-32 teams. Have 4 mega conferences with 4 divisions each, all based on geography (no Boise State in the big east)...
There are barely 40 objectively good teams in I-A football in a given year, there's no way there are enough teams to fill 124 slots in the B1G, SEC, Pac-12, and Big XII and maintain the current quality of those leagues. It would make them bloated and ugly.

An alliance of small states is better than an empire, because the empire has to administer the same amount of territory with a fraction of the resources. Eight leagues is a nice, round number, and if they're all between 10 and 16 teams, they're not too unwieldy.

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