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11-25-2012, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by thom View Post
Nothing against the cfl but the problem is they are inferior players to nfl.When is the last time a cfl club recruited a highly touted college star?How can you pay big dollars to watch athletes making 50 thousand dollars a year?Why not support your universities the way they do in quebec.UBC gets hundreds a game but their giving their best.The NHL the NBA MlB formula1 the pga tour these are the big leagues.The cfl great history but the past 3 decades no top player unless Nfl makes a mistake like garcia or wake.
I've been watching the CFL for 2 decades, and I'm not going to stop. We watch the CFL because it's our pro league, it's the highest level we have in this country. All this anti-CFL rhetoric, it makes me sick. We've heard it all before and it won't stop us from watching the CFL. We don't have NFL teams, we're not going to move to the States just so we can go to NFL games, but we still want to see live pro football without having to cross the border. And a lot of us have been cheering for whatever CFL teams we cheer for for a long time, we're die hard fans. The Lions are of the same importance to me as the Canucks. Pay big dollars? Even at the worst, it's still way more affordable than an NFL game. I watch both leagues, but if I was paying to go to 8 games for an NFL team, it would be like paying for Canucks season tickets. I've gone to Grey Cups, but if I wanted to pay for a Super Bowl ticket, I'd have to take out a loan. And why wouldn't I want to support a player making $50,000 a year? He's trying to make a living. And you're insinuating that university players give it their all but CFL players don't. We know the players are better in the NFL. **** it, though, it's still fun to watch. Seems like you made an unprovoked and needless post.

I mean, where do you come off posting this trash?

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