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11-25-2012, 10:50 PM
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I care less because I expected it under Bettman. This is lockout #3 on his watch and that alone is a record.

I never thought Jim Dolan would be the voice of reason (as a Knicks fan I especially never thought this would happen) but:

Perhaps no one will listen to James Dolan of the Rangers -- who stands to lose at least $60 million if the puck isn't dropped just as his team would be denied its shot at the Cup -- just as no one listened to him a few years ago when he petitioned the board to dismiss Gary Bettman, but silence from the Blueshirts' CEO simply would be unacceptable
I've never especially cared about the business aspect of pro sports because sports in general has never been about that for me. I could care less if theyre fighting over $1, 1Billion or 100Billion.

Its about greed for the owners imo. Its always been about greed for the owners. And it always will be about greed for the owners. For some reason people care when players make money but dont care when actors/actresses get paid 25M a movie or something. Never understood it.

Like I said though I fully expected it.

The good news: One step closer to Brooklyn 2015. Maybe then we will spend money and start acting like an actual NHL franchise.

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