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Originally Posted by fst6 View Post
I actually like getting both the executioner and the python..

True enough with the RPG though, aha
Maybe if you're on Tranzit. Or Grief after you've gotten juggernog and the MP5. But if I'm doing survival, my whole strategy is to save enough for Quick Revive, Juggernog, and the MP5. Use the MP5 until I can afford galvaknuckles. Use those exclusively (I'm actually proud of the fact that I can go a whole round just punching zombies) until it takes two punches to kill them and after that you should have about 15000 points and that's more than enough to go after the Ray Gun and LMGs, and by then the pistols are next to useless anyway.

Originally Posted by topshelfie View Post
We were in the bank in town, someone opened the vault and there's a hallway downstairs with a pack a punch, is that the one you meant or is there 2 different ways to get pack-a-punch?
Yeah. hallway. room. Whatever. It shouldn't already be assembled though. if it was then a teammate already did it for you.

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