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11-25-2012, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
It's not like these guys have glass brains or something. Crosby got elbowed blindside in the head when he wasn't even close to the puck. What exactly makes him "injury prone" on that play, or responsible for the misdiagnosis that had him concussed again the following week? Is he supposed to check his blind spot before every turn, and diagnose himself at the hospital? "Keep your head up" doesn't quite serve as an antidote in this league.
Didn't he blindly skate out of a turn and run face first right into a much taller player's shoulder? Isn't this a player who is purported to have amazing "hockey sense"? Maybe he could have found a position by the boards to watch the play develop behind him?

What's probably most amazing to me is that Crosby's behavior since the concussion is only making him more likely to get another concussion IMO. He allegedly slashed Giroux's wrists repeatedly in the face-off circle... acted like a complete jerk between whistles... and then Giroux decked him to start game 6. Does that sound like a player trying to keep himself healthy and focused? I think he does bear a lot of responsibility for any future concussions, and perhaps some for those already sustained as well (if they were at all intentional). Fair or not, when you flop around on the ice and act like a baby, it doesn't exactly endear you to some of your opponents. Whatever the reason, he wasn't able to avoid potentially damaging collisions and/or didn't have the durability to sustain such collisions and keep playing under the policy already present at that time. I didn't see much pity for Jagr when Ruutu intentionally checked Jagr's head into the boards in an Olympic game. Jagr put himself in a prone position with a flimsy helmet, knowing that Ruutu was on the ice. In either case, I don't blame exactly "blame" the player that got hit. I wouldn't be surprised if that Ruutu hit caused a mild concussion. I'm guessing there are players that just don't report mild symptoms, esp. as it could affect their future career. It's not wrong for Crosby to report his symptoms, nor for the team/doctors to decide to prevent him from practicing as a precaution. However, to say it's some "special situation" other than an injury is going a bit far IMO. It probably be handled differently in past eras, but whether that would be good or bad for Crosby's career I'm not sure. There were probably players playing at less than their full potential due to their brains being scrambled... but then they are now considered "lesser players" for playing through it, while Crosby is a "better player" for sitting out??

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