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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
And they have discovered all these things right now, on the evening the club rose to the top of KHL overall standings? Like Říha said in his interview, why not at least wait until the team loses a few games? Or why not fire him after last year's play-offs? But to fire him on an evening like this... only "in Soviet Russia".

There are a number of highly critical analyses of the firing at and, although there are also a few voices supporting it (particularly by Alexander Yudin who goes overboard in his criticism of Říha). One blogger, even before last night's events, compared SKA St. Petersburg to the New York Rangers. And we know how many Stanley Cups the Rangers won in recent years after outlandish moves by club management... the number resembles the letter O.
Why they are the NYR of the KHL by all means. The concept of an overspending team isn't new. But anyway there are not only few voices supporting the release of Riha expecially if you don't count the fans. Every analyst would tell you SKA was heading right into another early playoff exit. Why they waited until now you'd have to ask the SKA management, but obviously there was something stirring for some time. Plain and simple: they want it to be a Dynamo Moscow and not what SKA is right now.

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