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11-25-2012, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Thorulf View Post
Well, i should maybe clarify that it was a joke when i stated that Oilers might get a first round pick for Linus...
However Omark ripping up the swiss league and out-scoring many regular NHL players (yeah, yeah. "They are just skating around and trying not to get hurt") is simply not a bad thing. And ofc it catches the eyes on many scouts. It's their job after all...
When Linus is producing at the pace he is now, it's favorable for both him and Oilers.

As for Linus comeback in Edmonton; i doubt it will happend. Sadly.
There was so much that could have been good! A "young" creative player that fans in most cases would love in a young talented team.
Too bad about everything went wrong:
- The off-year in KHL.
- The negative effects of beeing a "youtube sensation"
- The fact that Rob Schemp have had failure in this club, reflected negative on Omark...
- The bad start with Tom Renny
- The spin-o-rama-penelty in his debut had a huge backlash in the long term.
- Not playing his A-game, when needed the most.
- Some fans mixing up good confidence with "bad attitude"
- Foot injury.

Many bridges are burned, so i doubt it will happend.
If he could be able to break the top six? In my mind yes;
(But then again also think Pääjärvi is the by far most overrated player on this board.
While Linus have done very well in WC, SHL, AHL, KHL (and now swizz league) MPS has none of that. A good WCJ maybe. Said it before; Pääjärvi will be Edmontons biggest disapointment. Working hard and making a couple of political correct answers in some interviews isn't enough.)
Good for Linus, it should help the Oilers get a reasonable return when they trade his rights. But the comments about PRV are out of line, he wants to continue to grow as a player and accepts minor league time as part of this process. Saying the right thing and working hard shouldn't be construed as a negative. But PRV has little to do with Omark (other than nationality) so why the comparison?

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