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Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
The relevance I was talking about was BOTH goalies for Nashville and NYR. Combined cap hits and all, Vancouver has the height-est paid tandem in the NHL for the longest duration.

If they intend to keep Schneider regardless [which can be a separate conversation] we are talking 3-5 years+++ for a 9m+ tandem.

It is simply unparallelled by any team in the league so using Nashville and NYR as examples isn't a good comparison. Even at less of a combined cap hit, they are less and over within one year or two.
Rinne and Lundqvists contracts basically ensure that the tandem's combined cap hit will be 8m+ for the duration of the contract. I still agree that we will need to move one of our goalies, but that is just as much a function of having two elite goaltenders for one position as it is the combined cap hit.

It's completely fruitless to have this conversation to have a rebuttal that end up in the "Lu for scraps? Have fun with X goalie, etc" because I'm not even talking about value at this point.

Surely Vancouver fans should be able to concede the point that part of the reason for trading Lu [or one of their goalies] is for the cap management and distribution of their assets.

Surely they should be able to at least concede that point, but round and round we go and it's often ignored or taken out of context.
I absolutely agree with this. If we aren't talking about value right now, then I agree with all of this.

I brought back the comparison because the conversation shifted back to Lu being a cap dump. Despite that one of the reasons for moving him is the cap, we don't have an urgent need to move him. He is an elite player with a below market cap hit and at least, at least, a few years of elite play left before the beginning of a decline.

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