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11-26-2012, 01:08 AM
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Official Eskimos and CFL thread: Esks in camp

Last thread hit 1000.

We can continue here.

Originally Posted by NewOilRising View Post
Probably that he'd do it again, and I'd totally agree. He'd done nothing the last several years, something needed to be shaken up.

Lol, owned.
Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
He's ecstatic. He's going to Toronto and the league won't even bother to question the absurdity surrounding the situation. Gotta protect that impeccable Argonauts franchise.

Anyway, I'm happy for Ray. Tonight's win cements him as one of the game's greats but I still can't help but feel a little ripped off by the previous six seasons. The Eskimos' failings weren't all on him and we'd definitely be better off with him but he lost his spark over his final few seasons as an Eskimo... and that frustrates the hell out of me.
Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I know, and as soon as I got that delicious find PDO heads for the hills and turned off the board.

Some of you others that keep talking smack I've got yours too if you want it.

At least I'm consistent. i wasn't impressed with Ray, or the Win back then, and said so:
Originally Posted by Tyrolean View Post
Ray wasn't playing at an all star level the past few years with the Esks. Perhaps it was more due to the management and personnel, but he seemed to be rejuvenated with a new team.

It happens sometimes and the trade value in hindsight was obviously bad.

Time to move on, nothing you can do to turn the clock back and void the trade. Tillman's head has roiled and perhaps Rhodes should too.

At least we didn't trade him until he has 9 years with us. Maybe he has from 2 to 4 years left, who knows? Maybe he will regress, that;s been known to happen before too.

Time to look forward to the future with a new GM and hopefully better players and management. Fans sure like to dwell on things.
Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
I'd like to let the trade go (and lets be honest, it was probably time for the Esks and Ray to part ways) but I think that the Toronto media (and TSN) are going to be running with this story for a good while.
Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Checked in to see if anything has changed...nope.

Replacement is still determined to be right about Ray despite all the evidence to the contrary.

In any event...good for Ray.

He deserves this 3rd Grey Cup win. Just goes to show what Ray can do when you have a coaching staff that is smart enough to design a system around him instead of trying to make Ray fit a system.

Good to see that Tillman was around long enough to take what Macciocia left behind and **** it up even worse.

With Reed and Rhodes around for a few more years the Eskimo s**t show is pretty much a guarantee to continue.

In any event kudos to Ray and the Argos.
Originally Posted by Arpeggio View Post
Congratulations to Ricky Ray on his third Grey Cup, further cementing his status as one of the all-time CFL greats.
Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
I was hoping for him to tie or pass Calvillo for the most TD passes in Grey Cups but alas.

Still, 8 TD passes in 4 games is better than 9 in what? 8 appearances?
Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
Well so much for Ray being done and never leading a team to another Grey Cup.

I'll take my crow medium rare with a bit of char on the feather please.

Give me a little extra and I'll make sure Liquor and Replacment get theirs too.
Originally Posted by nabob View Post
If they would have got that review call correct he would have had 9.
Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
Yeah, I thought that was a TD, definitely.
Originally Posted by The Great Ones View Post
The Argos win a cup, we win cap space.
Originally Posted by PACKY D ELEPHANT View Post
I finally see eric's master plan

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