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11-26-2012, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
No he's biased because every thread with Lidstrom is him down playing him, including starting a thread about Weber being robbed by Lidstrom, the 7 time norris trophy winner that outscored him by a large margin.

Its fine if thats what you believe and he can say he doesnt dislike Lidstrom, but when I make a pretty clear post with lots of good points in it and he doesnt acknowledge any of them I'm leaning towards bias there. He cant make an argument against them so he ignores points for Lidstrom in this argument and picks which battles he wants to fight.

He had Suter playing beside him who was arguably better defensively then Weber and played just as many minutes and he had a goalie that finished 4th in MVP voting, obviously the preds relied a lot on Rinne that year to do what they did. Leads me to believe that Weber without those 2 wouldnt be in the norris talk as much

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