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11-26-2012, 01:42 AM
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Of the NFC's top teams, the Falcons are the only one whose playoff fate is likely to be directly tied to whether or not they have home-field advantage. Attaining the #1 seed certainly does not mean that the Falcons will reach the Super Bowl, as I would argue that the 49ers, Giants, and the Packers (if healthy) are considerably better teams and would be favored to beat Atlanta even if the game was in the Georgia Dome. But the Falcons have a much greater chance of beating one of the NFC powerhouses in Atlanta as opposed to on the road. The possibility of having to win in Candlestick, Lambeau, or Metlife in January would mean almost certain demise for the Falcons. I'm sure that every team prefers to play at home in the playoffs, but I don't think that the 49ers, Giants, or Packers (assuming that they all win their divisions) are all that worried about going on the road in January. I think that the prospect of having the bye week is by far the biggest prize for being one of the top 2 seeds, and the 49ers look poised to lock up the #2 seed now that they have navigated the difficult part of their schedule. That tie may end up biting the 49ers, however, especially if they finish with the same number of wins as the Giants (who won the head-to-head meeting and would get the #2 seed based on that).

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