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Originally Posted by kihei View Post
Haven't seen Old Joy, but I also really like Wendy and Lucy and Meek's Cutoff. Do you like the Dardenne brothers work as well? They could have almost directed Wendy and Lucy and Reichardt could have almost directed The Kid with a Bike. My favourite movie of theirs, one of my favourites, period, is L'Enfant, about a teenage father who sells his baby without telling the teenage mother. Definitely worth checking out the Belgians if you like Reichardt's work. With all due respect, I agree about Williams over Lawrence, though it's like comparing Federer and Nadal in their prime--just awfully damn close, but really gifted either way.
The only film of theirs that I have seen is The Kid with a Bike and I didn't love it. I felt it tried to cover too much ground in a short amount of time. Why did the hairdresser decide to let a boy she hadn't even talked to live with her? Why did the boy become so loyal to the dealer that quickly? These issues needed some more attention and as a result I found the film rushed. Reichardt's films seem to be more focused to me. I will definately try to watch L'Enfant though. It sounds quite interesting.

Oh and come on, Nadal > Federer. That's an easy one.

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