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11-26-2012, 04:45 AM
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Originally Posted by latvianhockeyfan View Post
There will be only Bukarts in roster. Golovkovs are not Bukarts level and Zemitis are too young.
I will agree on Golovkovs, I had more hope for him at the start of the season. But he might make it if some injuries occur or if Girgensons will be forced to stay in the AHL. I'm following Homjakovs, but the fact that Tambijevs didn't take him to Austria earlier this month means no WJC for Edgars.

Zemitis may be 17, but he is one of our biggest d-men (or even the biggest, too lazy to check). While Lipsbergs is a defensive failure, I still can't forget how horrible he played at Zholtok's Memorial. But Lyona likes the latter and is indifferent to the former, so it is probably settled.

Ozolinsh is definitely worth a consideration. Dashutins as well. But Lavrovs... Just because we need a forechecker? Better leave the guy.

Don't like how Kulda is developing in the W and don't consider him a lock at this point.

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