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The NHL players lost 4% of their salaries to escrow in the 2005 CBA. Mathieu Schneider of the PA brought up the idea about a cap on escrow a few weeks ago. The NHL came up with the "make whole" in October with it being funded by the players. Then the NHL decided to fund it. The NHL and NHLPA can't agree on the numbers. Steve Fehr says the "make whole" should really be called "transition payments".

Don Fehr wants amnesty buyouts

Amnesty has not even been addressed in meetings, Fehr confirmed. But he says it will.

They haven't discussed the transition stuff. They haven't discussed the ordinary course buyouts either.

The PA has proposed salaries in excess of $1M in the AHL count against the cap but

The amount in excess of $1M paid to a player while in the minor leagues or in Europe on an NHL contract counts against the cap (none counts against the share). This applies only to new contracts, i.e., contracts entered into after a new CBA is in effect.

The fine print. The NHL won't go for that. They probably want it to begin with current SPCs and don't like the $ amount. The NHL wants it at $105,000. The Toronto Star said it would be the NHL minimum salary. Fehr wants amnesty buyouts. So do some NHL teams.

The PA's proposal of using 20% to determine the salary range is almost equal to the previous system of adding 5% to the mid-point and then adding $8M. The NHL moved in the PA direction with the % instead of $16M. The NHL proposal doesn't include 5%. The NHL may not like the 20% number proposed by the PA. The NHL proposed $51.9M as a mid-point in October based on a full 82 game season.

$10.38M. $41.52M-$62.28M salary range. Almost $21M difference.

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