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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Hindsight is generally a useless thing, but not taking Janrkrok there still blows my mind. One can assume it is a style and preference thing, because Jarnkrok was then, and is now, a significantly more talented player.

We can undertake a little more assessment on some recent drafts now.

I think we can now thoroughly examine the 2007 draft.

The only NHL player acquired from the draft was Ellerby. Not a great 1st round in terms of talent. Ellerby projects to be a solid defenseman with a relatively long career. You wouldn't say he has ever exceeded expectations however.

Repik and Dadonov have played in the NHL, but do not project to be long-term NHL players. Repik had chance after chance. He's statistically struggling in the KHL right now. He's done as an NHL prospect. Dadonov will be a successful KHL player (Having a good year now). He's a very good player, but simply a classic example of someone who is much more suited to the European style of hockey. A very good player who simply isn't suited to NA style.

Everybody else has no shot at the NHL from this draft. So we stand at a fringe NHL'er currently in Ellerby. Pretty poor.

2008 can begin to be assessed.

Jenks and Comrie are done. Bartowski is in the Bruins system and may be a fringe NHL one day. Leaves us with Robak/Markstrom.

Both have obvious NHL upside, but i think at this point, both have serious question marks. Markstrom hasn't had a large sample size of domination since coming to NA. Goalies take longer, so we shouldn't be worried just yet, but the shiny hype is wearing off and we need to see results. Robak i haven't seen all that much.

No 1st round pick in this draft, so we can never be upset if it doesn't work out. Can go both ways depending on Markstrom/Robak.
Pretty fair assessment I would say. Shame about Dadanov though, really thought he could be a good player for the Panthers.

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