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11-26-2012, 08:44 AM
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Everything Must Go: This film, to me, was a huge dissapointment. It could have been so much better if they hadn‘t taken so long to get the story going. You don‘t learn half of it until 10 minutes left, and by the time it‘s over you‘re left with questions about what happens. The ending was poor. The only upside was the few bits of comedic banter between Will Ferrell and the kid.

Cannibal Holocaust: One of the most controversial films ever made, and for good reason. Aside from that, I found this film brilliant. Parts of it are a bit difficult to watch (turtle scene), but once you get past it, it‘s almost... eye-opening to the way we regard the unknown. The shoddy acting was made up for by Riz Ortolani‘s heart-wrenchingly beautiful score.

Fred Claus: I actually enjoyed this movie. The premise is kind of silly, but it delivers. Despite Vince Vaughn being the focus of the film, I found Paul Giamatti as the real star, playing..... Santa Claus. While being quite predictable, this film is for kids, who don‘t particularly worry about that.

Home Alone 1&2: I don‘t have much to say about these films.. I always cheer for the “Wet Bandits“ whenever I watch it. Joe Pesci is a fantastic actor in any role and Daniel Stern, to me, steals the films with his air-head portrayal of “Merv“. Culkin, I cannot stand him... He may have only been a kid, but he just bugs me to no end. Catherine O‘Hara is absolutely gorgeous though..
4/10 for HA1
6/10 for HA2

Side note: I don‘t understand why everyone is so high and mighty about Daniel Craig. After CR and QoS, I have been VERY disappointed with him. It‘s not his acting, which im not too fond of, it‘s him.. He just doesn‘t live up to what James Bond should be... and it‘s that blond hair that does it.

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