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Originally Posted by GodTukka View Post
You could have a team full of legends and it means squat if you can't match high players with high skill.

Which is why i built my team to be solid (5 stars yes, but probably on the lower scale of 5 star teams, posted in the topic here) and i have no need for guys like Crosby, Ovie, etc

Honestly i've gotten crushed by guys using teams full of scrubs more then i've lost to high powered teams
While this tends to be more true during the offseason, the moment you try to go deep in the playoffs you'll be frustrated to no end. All it takes is two overstacked teams with users running preset goal moves during a 4-game stretch in the 2nd tier playoffs to ruin your night.

Trust me, I was one of those guys winning with scrubs teams at about the same rate I was with pretty solid teams (Chara, JJ, EJ, Myers, Burns, Jbow on defense just as an example) but when the playoffs came around I got absolutely thrashed by simple wristers, shortside goals and SOTW player onslaughts. It just takes the fun out of the game when you play and play but the postseason is impossible to even come close to going all the way in without a lot of luck and an expensive team.

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