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11-26-2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
In my estimation, a fair deal would involve reducing the HRR
Plus some serious revenue sharing.
PLUS give the players a meaningful voice at the table on team locations..
I don't think those numbers are realistic based on the loses the franchises take in each year. Finding a location takes a lot of business understanding... Something the players don't have since... They play hockey. If they were besiness men they would be in business. Not one owner will want to here what the players have to say on where HIS business is going to be located.

Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post

Is that going to save Phx? Probably not.
But if the league were to grow 7 percent... and the players share is 55 percent instead of 57 percent

That's revenue of 3.5Billion ... 2 percent of that is 70Million... IMO, 1/2 of that 70M should go to the so-called small market teams via revenue sharing.
If 7%... What if 2% or -5%... etc.

Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post

Do that again the next year.. revenue at 7 percent is now 3.8B
a 1 percent drop in hrr is 38 Million ... 19M goes to revenue sharing....
Now you're at 54M more in revenue sharing then right now.
Next year is 4Billion with 7 percent growth. Player share falls another percent. 40 million. Half goes to revenue sharing... that's 20M. Now you're at 74Million extra in revenue sharing

Assuming 7 percent growth (which may not be that crazy)... you could be talking about an additional 125M a year in revenue sharing. The owners get the players down to 50-50 within 5 years. The players have no instant rollbacks. Players get more say in important revenue decisions.
That is your opinion. Your vision seems very pro-player IMO. I have suggested a pro-owner deal in the creative solution thread. When you read it, you will feel it is loopsided and the players get ****ed. Well... That is how I feel when I read your loopsided offer.

Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post

It's not going to be an instant panacea.

In any industry, there are going to be businesses/franchises etc that take longer to grow -- even if they are well managed... And I don't think Phx can claim to be well managed.
PHO is part of a business deal that helped the NHL close the bigest TV deal ever for hockey. Whats your point??

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