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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
What are the biggest differences between a 1.0 and 2.0 Reebok Edge and will Philly Express customize them properly?
Philly Express won't customize the original Edge jerseys correctly but they will do the current jerseys correctly.

The majority of the Edge 2.0's body is made of AirKnit and that is the main difference between the two. The AirKnit material is far superior IMO because it is more durable and has a nicer feel to it. The 1.0's that i've had in the past have had pretty big pulls in them just from simple things like catching a finger nail on them. You won't have that with the 2.0's. With that said the 2.0's are much harder to come by.

And then after that you have the abomination that was the Indo-Edge, which was the Authentics the NHL released last year. All Authentics with the word-mark sold at retail at this point are Indo-Edges. They're made in Indonesia and are even poorer quality then the Edge 1.0's. I have never seen one in person but I have heard bad things.

Good news is that it seems that the NHL is heading to retail 2.0's. According to a poster on the IJ Boards, Reebok has shut down all hockey production in Indonesia and is going to be moving back to Canada. Recently teams such as the Rangers, Penguins, and the Canadian teams have had 2.0's up for sale at retail which has lead to speculation that after teams Indo-Edge stock runs out Reebok will start production on retail 2.0's.


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