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11-26-2012, 09:01 AM
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I don't know that they could afford to pay Vincent Jackson AND Percy Harvin.

Look, there's one of two ways we can play this out:

1. Give up on Ponder this year, draft another QB in the middle of the first round that is scouted and developed by the same guys who scouted and developed Ponder, give him the same bunch of nobodies to throw to, and see what happens.

2. Give Ponder another year, draft the best WR available in the middle of the first round, get a new OC, and see what happens.

I'd have to think unless there's a stud QB that nobody wants until the middle of the first, you get some offensive talent on this team and shore up the defensive line. If Ponder sucks again next year, then draft another QB, but this time he'll at least have a few good targets to throw to (Harvin, Wright, and hopefully a big guy who can stretch the field) as well as a better OL than Ponder had and a better defense.

I guess I'm not convinced that if you take a team with a bunch of problems and add in a different rookie QB that things would be any better. Unless it's an ELITE QB that you usually only get at #1 or #2.

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