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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
I personally don't understand the complaints about the disguise system. I see it being complained about a lot but just never understood what the complaints are. If anything, it seems to make more sense that if you get too close, people will know you're in disguise because they look at your face. That being said, if you loved Hitman 2, the closest game of the series to it is Hitman Contracts which I did really enjoy. Contracts came out for XBox, PS2, and PC and I'm sure you can pick it up for <$10 now.
I guess the issue that people have is that it seems like everyone knows exactly who everyone is. I mean if I see an unfamiliar face at work I wouldn't question it, I don't know everyone. Some of these missions have tons of enemies. It should depend on how many people there are of that character, then it makes sense. If there are 100 enemies in a level they shouldn't question you if you're dressed as them as easily as if there are 20. Just like if you're in a city like Chicago, I doubt every cop knows each other. If you're in Hope, South Dakota then I'm sure all of the cops know each other.

Originally Posted by Garrus Vakarian View Post
The whole hotel missions makes zero sense at all. I don't get the significant police present at the place.
They think you killed someone. You also happen to be a known assassin who is highly dangerous.

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