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12-09-2003, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by barnaby63
so i guess you better tell the people that run hockeysfuture that! cause they must have it all wrong...i mean having taylor,barenka,tyutin,jessiman,jonasen,lampman,mur ray,prucha,stals,dawes,roche and lundqvist ranked either capable of the NHL or being good players in the NHL is wrong on there part.

i mean come on, anyone who is blinded by there hatred for sather can
Dude, who is the one blinded here? First of all, the good people at HF are not scouts. They write articles out of the goodness of their hearts and put forth their opinions. They are not scouts for the NHL.
Second of all, you are saying that I think that the Rangers do not have many prospects becuase I hate Sather. Time to wake up and smell the Kool-Aid. Even the HF writers rank us as 28th. That's not too good. Let's use your logic here, and take HF rankings as gospel. If we have so many prospects that are ranked "either capable of the NHL or being good players in the NHL", then why are we ranked 28th and not higher. You named 12 young players. Seems to me that if we had 12 players on the farm who were thought project to NHL caliber, then we would have a much higher ranking.

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