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11-26-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by soothsayer View Post
Pretty sure Andrea knows whats up, and didn't go with Michonne because she knows that the Governor's camp must be taken down from within (in some way). I am a little worried about Merle and Daryl though. I also hope that they don't kill Maggie and/or Glenn. They need to leave us some lovable characters if they want us to continue to attach to the remaining characters emotionally.
I don't think Andrea knows whats up. She would probably try to convince Rick and the group to come and live in Woodbury if she knew they were out there. But she will help take down Woodbury from within anyway, because that's kind of her Thang.

I think Maggie and Glenn are both smart enough to plan an escape, or at least use the opportunity that Rick's attack will give them.

I think Daryl would survive a nuclear apocalypse, never mind a zombie one. Merle is kind of stuck though. He won't be welcome in Ricks group, and if he's not willing to go against his brother, he won't last with the Governor. His only chance is to convince Daryl to join him. I want to see how this plays out the most.

They made a good point on Talking Dead last night, that the Governor is pretty scared of Rick's group. They've got less numbers, but they're all bad-***** now. They took the prison by themselves. And they've been surviving this long out in the open. The Governor is smart. He's hand picked his crew to be more ruthless and loyal to him than effective. That's why he decided to kill the military guys. They would have done better defending the town, but they would undermine his control on the people. Meanwhile, Rick's group has essentially become a hardened para-military unit. They can attack and defend in formation.

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